Carpet cleaning at home

Carpet cleaning at home

Not only feels comfortable and shore life inspiration for the users that are obscured carpet defects, fill up the beauty architectural elegance to the architectural space. That's why today the carpet not only appears mostly in the office but also at individual households.

Whether carpets, tapestries and carpets, the carpet cleaning stairs regularly is essential especially for households by exposure to carpet almost as frequently. Carpet cleaning at home is the best solution for cleaning and completely eliminating parasitic fungi bacteria an important contribution in protecting the health of used carpet. That other cleaning solutions (vacuuming, dry stains handling ...) can not be obtained.

Are trusted clients nationwide and evaluated as service providers in the professional carpet cleaning VN least now, we know how to win customers with the energy of his profession.

The process of professional carpet cleaning at home through 8 basic steps:

  • Moving equipment and supplies, set up warning signs to create favorable conditions for carpet cleaning at home.
  • Vacuum clean the surface dirt on the carpet.
  • Check floor surfaces, carpet material condition for applying stains carpet cleaning chemicals suitable home.
  • Chemicals are sprayed onto the carpet (just enough of the wet) and breaks down stains with dedicated machines.
  • Remove stains from the carpet surfaces by professional carpet vacuum.
  • Apply professional blow dry process accelerating the drying mats (avoid odors).
  • Repeat the process (4, 5, 6) with the remaining dirt areas (hallways, kitchen, bar ...).
  • Moving supplies equipment to its original position (after the carpet is completely dry).

Not simply in the process of professional carpet cleaning that carpet cleaning services at home so we offer are assessed through:

  • Carpet cleaning equipment in the EU standards, minimize noise enhanced carpet cleaning effectiveness.
  • Carpet cleaning chemicals in the EU importers improved formula is not only quick but also sach stains completely eliminate bacteria and fungi are active molecules quickly evaporated in the air to dry carpets fast immediately after washing.
  • The staff are professional training brings all the exciting experiences for our customers.
  • Attractive incentives for valued clients and customers signing HD using regular services (down 40%).
  • Carpet cleaning service costs in the competition.

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