Washing car seat

Washing car seat

You desire to always find great feeling when leaned back in his chair, breathing and feeling relaxed feel like the first day you own it?

Maybe you've thought, a car is simply a means for you to only move from one point to any position in order to avoid the noise, dust and heat .... In fact it is a mobile home with everything! Establish a routine as if you are in your house, car maintenance regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance such as periodic and regular vehicle .. toilet.

However one of the important parts make up the feeling of comfort and safety when riding the car seat. But it is also where the most exposed to the dust from road dirt, wear and tear and long-term accumulation forming bacteria, mold and toxic substances in the air to affect your health. The toilets and keep them clean with the surrounding environment is always a top concern.

Always interested in and listen to the practical needs of each customer, we have been researching and making cleaning solution perfect car seat.

  1. Cleaning process QT standard car seats.
  2. Smoking spray washer system modernization (imported from England)
  3. Cleaning chemicals features dual car seat, completely eliminating parasitic fungal organisms.
  4. Intelligent blower system quickly drying after cleaning furniture
  5. Our team of highly skilled staff

To service car wash on our chairs, you will feel a completely different service. Let the car become 2nd space where you feel most comfortable, evokes something happy and feel satisfied when we step foot anywhere.

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