Wash ottoman

Wash ottoman

Not only create a pleasant feeling of comfort for the user but also to bring mattresses and chairs for beauty and architectural space. But manufacturers are selected from anti-fouling materials over the years the best they used to try sofa still dirt stains appeared not only lose the beauty and elegance but it is also extremely favorable conditions for developing bacterial parasitic fungus causing direct harm to the health of users.

Because of this that keeping clean is always a new seat cushion is what most users are interested in the seat cushions. because its own characteristics that users can not apply the usual hygiene methods for seat cushions, mattresses and chairs washing requires users to equip themselves with expensive equipment and basic knowledge. It really is a major barrier ottoman users.

As a provider of professional cleaning superlative ottoman VN today, we always find the solutions optimal cleaning mattresses and chairs. Laundry services cost competitive ottoman with exceptional quality and service by cleaning our seat cushion is the first choice of customers when required cleaning every seat cushion.

Cleaning process basic ottoman:

  1. Spraying chemicals (cleaning chemicals seat cushion features dual - bactericidal mushrooms) just enough to wet the surface of the seat cushion (saturate 1 - 1.5 cm).
  2. Using the machine breaks down stains impact on the seat surface (depending on the material type table and chairs that use appropriate).
  3. Remove stains just defeated by dedicated vacuum.
  4. Perform repeat the procedure with the difficult stains out.
  5. Through the system dedicated blower fan blower support seat cushion after washing.

Apply professional workflow and staff are trained in a basically. we always knew how to conquer the trust customers by their professional capacity.

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