Lens cleaning services

Lens cleaning services

Nowadays glass systems are often installed in most buildings Buildings, offices in HCMC and neighboring provinces. Over time use, glass equipment fouling, and particularly marred glass fish scales phenomenon is becoming more widespread. The main reason is due to bad weather and chemical phenomena occurring when the contact of rain water and impurities in the air.

If not cleaned regularly and properly will be scratched glass and fade over time, so will take a lot of the costs of replacement. We will help you clean the glass periodically timely and effective professional with the following elements:

1. Staff: Experienced, equipped with knowledge and be trained by experienced professionals from abroad. We are committed to full implementation of the occupational safety policy in accordance with the Labor Standards Law to the current Vietnam.

2. Wipe the glass Equipment: Use modern equipment supporting the building construction glass cleaner such as full, Ladder or electrical appliances which are ladders ... Professional Lens cleaning tools include: The glass cleaner toilet dedicated, razors, towels ... that feature lightening, cellophane without scratching ...

3. Lens cleaning Chemicals Imports from the United Kingdom, Singapore International standards, specialized glass cleaning, disinfecting molds, and particularly shiny surface made of glass ... Besides, Chemical Clean Building Glass always be safe for human use and friendly surroundings.

From the dominant factor in, Service brings glass cleaner works, interior cleanliness to surprise. We are constantly researching and improving the service quality glass cleaner to meet customers' individual needs.

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