Office carpet cleaning

Office carpet cleaning

Not just feels soothing and inspiration in the work for the user but also exudes beauty carpet elegance to the architectural space of the office. Because of these advantages, which today has 90% of office space is carpeted. over the years, using the easy carpet stains appear scars losing elegance and health threat to users because of the risk of parasitic fungi bacteria is very high (1 in 5 carpet favorite environment of bacteria fungi).

To keep the carpet clean, and maintaining inspiration in their work environment clean bacteria from the office carpet cleaning is the best solution for cleaning the stains on the carpet surface and ultimately complete elimination parasitic fungi bacterial carpet surface maintains clean new carpet. That other cleaning solutions can not meet.
Long, office carpet cleaning services we offer because customers are always trusted by both countries, we always know how to conquer the trust customers by their professional capacity.

Office carpet cleaning process consists of 8 basic steps:

1. Move the equipment items, placed signboards create favorable conditions for the office carpet cleaning.
2. Garbage collection, vacuum the carpet surface dirt (dry stain treatment).
3. Check the floor surface, material carpet stains the page to apply appropriate carpet cleaning chemicals.
4. Spraying chemicals on face carpet (just enough of the wet) and breaks down stains with dedicated machines.
5. Remove stains from the carpet surfaces by professional carpet vacuum.
6. Apply professional blow dry process accelerating the drying mats (avoid odors)
7. Repeat the process (4, 5, 6) with the remaining dirt area. (Hallway, kitchen, bar ...)
8. Move items of equipment on the original position (after the carpet is completely dry).

Not simply a professional carpet cleaning process that carpet cleaning service by our office provides are assessed through:

1. Equipment office carpet cleaning EU standards, reduce noise and improve the efficiency of cleaning the carpet.
2. carpet cleaning chemicals EU imports improved formula is not only quick but also sach stains completely eliminating parasitic fungal organisms concurrently active molecules quickly evaporated in the air to dry carpets fast immediately after washing. (Only in AT HOME SERVICE CENTER 24H).
3. The staff are all professional training brings the highest work efficiency.
4. Time provides extended service (24/7) meets all requirements for office carpet washing time.
5. attractive incentives for valued clients and customers signing HD using regular services (40% cost reduction)
6. The cost of the office carpet cleaning service competition.
7. Export finance bill for individuals wishing to use elements.

From the dominant factor on the office carpet cleaning services we have conquered thousands of customers throughout the country and is the first choice of customers whenever the office carpet cleaning needs.

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