Sofa cleaning

Sofa cleaning

For users, the sofa fabric sofa regular cleaning is essential. By cleaning the sofa is not simply the seat surface cleaning but also remove most of the harmful bacterium user health underlying chair.

Sofa is made from many materials, and every kind of material cleaning methods are one separate sofa compliance prescribed by the manufacturer. The sofa cleaning relatively complex requires more technical elements and specialized machinery. Therefore finding one provider prestigious sofa cleaning is the first choice of every user sofa cleaning when needed.
As a provider of professional cleaning sofa today, we are always a reliable address for customers whenever the demand for cleaning services sofa.

Sofa cleaning process because we offer:

Construction site preparation.
Dry Cleaning stains on the seat surface (vacuuming...).
Chemical spray wet surfaces and breaks down stains and chairs accumulate on the seat surface with special machines.
Removing stains on the seat surface with specialized vacuum.
Manipulating the remaining dirt areas.
Blow dry by fanning specialized sofa.
Move the sofa arranged on top state positions.

Specialized chemical equipment is used:

Vacuum cleaners, specialized water suction. (Combination of chemical spraying)
Handheld machines tan marks.
Specialized blower fan.
Cleaning chemicals single sofa features Dymaprep - imports (applicable for periodic cleaning sofa).
Cleaning chemicals 340Extra double sofa Foam features - Import (applies to more sofa stains).
Antibacterial chemicals Sprayway - Import (treatment after washing the sofa - preventing re-parasitic fungal organisms).

Why sofa cleaning services customers nationwide trusted?

Formed from the 2002, is the pioneer companies in the provision of cleaning services sofa we always comply with the highest norms of cleaning the sofa to give customers peace of mind.

A staff is carefully selected and trained always have the highest reliability.

Along with his work seniority we have served thousands of customers and is the only unit records the highest capacity and professionals appreciate.

Absolute commitment to use imported chemicals with environmentally friendly does not affect humans and animals (chemical international standards of health Vietnam circulation permit).

Direct financial invoices for individual businesses.

Competitive service costs. Mode customers discounts for regular cleaning sofa.

Policy attentive customer care. Providing a full range of information and knowledge to customers using carpet and sofa.

With the policy set laundry service quality sofa on top. We are committed to ensuring that your customers products and services with the best quality available today.

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