Cleaning curtains, washing curtains

Cleaning curtains, washing curtains

Curtains are an indispensable part of every family by not only functional, but the curtains shielding also makes the interior space more cozy and luxurious. But the kind of material less exposed to the elements causing the curtains dirty but also need to have a regular schedule to help toilet Curtains are always in a state of freshness and prevent microbial fungus glass helps you protect students' health whole family.

To make cleaning is highly effective curtains is never a simple task by each material curtain 1 separate cleaning method (vol, fabric Korea ...) and you can not invest 1 screen cleaning system door just to cater to the demand for home cleaning curtains, cty. It's really huge waste of financial and depreciation costs too much of your time.

That is why we have launched the curtains laundry service utilities today, not only help you reduce costs and time but also give you the solution extremely effective hygiene:

  • Cleaning equipment systems Curtains appropriate depth for each display material.
  • Having professional staff during disassembly and installation.
  • Cleaning solution used for curtains featuring unique Dual completely eliminates parasitic fungal organisms.
  • Curtains cleaning process logic from the sewing professional.
  • The display board conducted immediately after the return position.
  • Repair replacement accessories damaged after prolonged use.
  • Time extended service provider - no charge incurred.
  • Curtain time fast delivery (within 48 hours)
  • Financial invoices to customers in need.

From these factors which service our washing curtains always attracts consumers and widely disseminated.
Use and service experience flawless cleaning curtains from the commitment of the professional service providers.

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