Total sanitation services

Total sanitation services

Foreseeing the need for total sanitation services by increasing the practical benefits it offers. It helps users save up services on time and investment costs for overall self-hygiene.

With the goal of conquest customers with the quality of the total sanitation services they provide we had the intended investment and the right equipment to the system with formal training courses for staff performance, in collaboration with the workflow logic to bring the highest efficiency.

Using the total sanitation services because we provide all matters related to the clean up are we solved and give you the satisfied beyond expectations:

  1. Wipe the glass, alu (the outside)
  2. Hygiene and surface cleaning stone tiles for walls, facades, columns ....
  3. Clean door systems.
  4. Thorough cleaning tolet system.
  5. Polished tile floor surface cleaning, wood, stone ...
  6. Thoroughly clean the paint, adhesive on skirtings.
  7. Hygiene and cleaning supplies equipment (lights, fans ...)
  8. Thorough cleaning stairs system.
  9. Thoroughly remove indoor odor caused by the fungal organism.
  10. Eradication of pests (rats, ants, stickers ...)
  11. Pruning bonsai care

With specialized equipment, modern cleaning chemicals international standards with antibacterial function, professional staff combined with all the workflow logic. We are committed to ensuring that customers used a total hygiene service the best quality.

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