3 questions to ask when buying Corner Sofa

Corner sofa is one of the modern designs are large consumers to choose. However, in order to select the appropriate corner sofa purchased for each space and different uses, you do not overlook three important question when buying a sofa corner offline

What is the corner sofa?

Even the name of this type of sofa also help users visualize their designs. Sofa corner sofa is used to list the line into the corner to help you optimize floor space, especially for the space "savings" is selected, the corner sofa reasonable. There are many different types of corner sofa. But usually divided into two main categories are L-shaped sofa and sofa corners rotation angle.

L corner sofa and sofa font size and rotation angle like?

Size length of the L-shaped corner sofa small as 2.4 to 2.5 meters, average 2,65-2,8m type, large type is over 3m. For luxury apartments or luxury apartments which have a large living room or mini apartment living room often choosing small corner sofa for your home space, generally depending on the size of the area that choose to list. As for the angle, ie the depth (in) length from 1.5 - 1.8 m each design will fluctuate it proportionally. You can lie to relax, watch TV or sleep on the sofa this soft and smooth.

Sofa corner sofa with rotation of which is shaped like two sides of one square, the two sides have differences, but not much, and the corner portion of the corner portion longer L-shaped sofa with 2 swivel angle that category is rotated to the left and turn right, help you to optimize your relaxation. For the living room which has a corner sofa, the use of square-rotation angle is extremely reasonable. 1 corner sofa style living room sofa designed for young, dynamic nature and optimize your living room area, currently under study, there are more than 90% of apartments and condominiums are using the sofa corner because it does not only bring comfort and also a very high aesthetic value.

Corner sofa is the best material?

Currently on the furniture market, with a lot of material used to wrap the sofa corner. The most advanced of which were 100% cowhide material, followed by material cowhide leather 50% 50% (the contact surface exposed outside, use 100% cowhide, while the hidden part, the use Its Simily leather, pvc, product lines these days fewer and fewer people capacity, because that poor quality costs money! the last type is Simily leatherette.

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