Sofa arrangement should avoid what?

Currently, the sofa has become a familiar face in the living room of every household. It is usually located in a central location and is an impressive landmark for room design. However, the sofa decorated how to harmonize, balance is not always easy because there are a few precautions you need special attention

Direction sofa

According to feng shui experts, the track layout is not only sofas create the perfect look for the room, but also bring good luck and financial advocacy for homeowners. Often these homes east, sofa should be located in the direction of East, Southeast, South Main, North's main living room. As for homes west, sofa should be located in the southwest, the west, northwest and northeast of the living room.

Avoid placing the sofa near the window

A lot of people think that should put a sofa near the window to catch the sun and wind but the fact is that to close the door when the sun is often shining directly on the sofa, not only makes surfaces easy to fade, but also affect the durability of the product.

Should not present a half or a combination of two different sets of sofa

Select the living room sofa suit room area is very large determinant to harmony, serenity of the space. Need to avoid the "alternative" that assembled half this sofa with the other half of the sofa or just pitching half with the intention of saving space for small rooms. Not only beautiful but this difference creates an imbalance, according to feng shui would be bad omen for the home.

Sofa opposite the main entrance to influence not good for people to sit

Feng shui for that, when the main door to the sofa and together form one straight line is not a good thing because "air" from the door will pulse directly into the seat and this can lead to a dispersed people, User gas emissions. Moreover also should not leave behind the sofa with space for easy giving occupants the feeling of insecurity, passive, insecure.

Avoid placing the sofa under the chandeliers or the bar

Many families are usually mounted in the living room chandelier to decorate and add light or sofa usually placed under house bar, central location right in the middle of the room. However, even if you possess a single sofa bed or sofa, the arrangement should also be avoided since it is often easier to make people sit there feeling squashed, pressure, easy to fall into tension, restlessness

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